About Stephen M Irwin

From an early age, I have enjoyed making stuff up. Attached is an excerpt from my Year 3 essay “I Am Chinese”. (NB: I am not actually Chinese.) This heady and heartbreaking tale of life on a sampan steals from Kung Fu, Sherlock Holmes, and Jaws. In it, the protagonist’s father – a complicated fisherman-slash-museum worker, uses the hero’s duck to catch a “flesh eating fish” – with success! The reviewer (my lovely teacher, Mrs Ferguson) asks in red ink: “Was the duck actually used as bait or not?” I like to think that, in faux-Hitchcockian fashion, I had left that open to interpretation for the satisfaction of the astute reader. Nevertheless: B+!

After school, I took tertiary study in film and television production, the worked a variety of jobs (from rock’n’roll roadie to call centre operator to editor of an agricultural science magazine) as I continued to learn how to write. I wrote corporate copy, television documentaries, short stories, poetry, short films… Now, I’m fortunate enough to work full-time writing television, novels, short stories, and feature films.

Some days you’re the shark; some days you’re the duck. And other days, you’re the fisherman’s child, just grateful to be on that sampan adventuring… somewhere. A lot of people helped me get aboard. You know who you are. Thank you.

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